Backdrop People: The Role of Non-Source Players or Soulless Ones

Dolores Cannon popularized the idea of backdrop people as, essentially, “extras” within the Earth experience. The concept of background or filler people is a highly esoteric one, but one which I find highly intriguing and worthy of exploration from a spiritual perspective. I should preface by also mentioning that you should always treat everyone as you’d want to be treated, with love and kindness. That being said, this article will explore my evolving understanding about extras in the matrix.

What Are Backdrop People?

Backdrop people (extras, fillers, backfill, non-Source players) are matrix energy holograms to help populate and infiltrate reality experiences.

Their physical bodies seem “real”, but, as some spiritual teachers have explained, those bodies are basically voids — empty, programmed machines made of only energy.

The biological machines look real, sound real, and act real. Of course, this is intentional. Fillers were created by our Galactic Consciousness when it conceived of the Earth game so that the game players could have the ultimate, most formative learning experience within this illusionary matrix.

The matrix runs on energy, specifically on Source players’ negative emotions. One argument for the presence of fillers is that they actually propel the continuation of the matrix by inciting game players, evoking emotions, reactions, and energy from them.

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Apparently there is about one Source player to every 5,000 non-Source players. So game players are vastly outnumbered, making Earth incredibly difficult.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic, I highly recommend checking out Judy at Quartz Crystal on YouTube.

If this reality is a shared game experience, then we’ve likely casted other Source players and written them into our play — some in big-time roles.

Non-source players are the supporting actors you threw in to populate your movie. They have no soul connection which is the invisible ethereal connection to higher consciousness.

The Nature of Reality

As others have described, this entire experience can be thought of as Source’s giant video game. Remember: you are Source, and life is your dream!

If there are backfillers in this experience, you scripted them in, wrote up the story, and are producing the reality in real-time. It is a game of levels; it is a game of evolution. To an extent, it’s a self-conceived, self-constructed maze of trickery and deception.

You came into this game and you wanted it to seem so real that you wiped your memory and gave yourself billions of other people to play their parts all around you. Some of these actors are made-up characters to reinforce old belief systems and perpetuate negative polarity (in order to teach you — to allow you to express and experience who you really are), and some are “real” players who are also playing the game like you are.

Every player has written their own individual movie — but somehow all players are playing out their movie on the same film projector or great cosmic movie screen, together in the same theatre.

So, all the other players are actually watching (living in…) a different move (life…) than you, but they’re all doing it simultaneously and together on the same stage (Earth).. We’re living in a giant multi-player, highly interactive movie with many other souls.

Image result for movie friends glasses

Therefore, nothing is real aside from you and the handful of other cinema-goers that are also in your theatre. We’ve each designed and constructed our own subjective dream state to play within, complete with people, places, and circumstances that we wanted to engage with so our souls could evolve. All the others are just characters within the play — they don’t actually have a “player controller,” if you will, directing them from outside the story.

Whose world is this?
(The world is yours, the world is yours)
It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine
Whose world is this?
It’s yours… the world is yours.

– Nas

Are backdrop people real? Everything is a reflection of Source Energy, the One Consciousness. It becomes dangerous to think that you can treat something or think of something as less than anybody else — that’s spiritual ego. Everything is a dream of light energy anyways, so it really doesn’t make a difference. Everything is a reflection [of you].

Aaron Doughty

What Do Soulless Ones Teach You?

The main purpose of backdrop people would be to allow game players to learn by a process of self-reflection. Without a mirror to see oneself, one can not engage in formative self-learning journeys.

When game players believe that every person is just as real as they are, they take the game a whole lot more seriously. they believe it’s “real” — that all people are real.

How would perception of certain instances change if you suddenly understood that they weren’t actually “real?”

A quick example

Image result for 9/11

I was born on September 11th. I know that I chose to come into my world on this date so I could feel especially impacted by the horrific 9/11 attacks without being directly involved in them (I’ve read that no Source player will ever be a direct part of any of extreme tragedies unless they sign up for that experiences before incarnating). I wanted to think critically about the implications of the terrorist attacks within my world. I wanted to be a beacon of love and light to touch thousands of people since thousands died that day, having learned the lesson of what fear and hate can create. I’m NOT saying the attacks weren’t real; I’m saying they didn’t directly impact my personal play. But, the attacks taught me, more than anything else, that unconditional love for everyone is the only acceptable option, given what the opposite can create. So I chose to emanate that love and acceptance for all beings in my immediate reality.

Game players can adopt new lenses, and begin to ask “what can I learn from this,” in the face of calamity, pain, or hurtfulness. Without extraction of lessons, they’ll simply continue to repeat their lives — which are nothing more than sophisticated Barbie doll skits being played out by the Higher Self in the higher dimensions.

Final Thoughts

My assumption is that non-Source Players essentially dissipate from the play upon their or your exit from the stage.

Some spiritual teachers have postulated that their consciousness melds into the consciousness of the planet, where, as part of the Gaian mind, they work on creating and constructing nature and upholding the natural laws that govern the cosmos. Some also believe that everyone has a soul, but that some are simply further along their journey than others. Old Souls are more mature while newer souls are still in the earlier stages of spiritual development.

Whatever the truth is — if there even is one, standard, objective truth about this concept — there’s no doubt we live in a very complicated equation. ◾

*Updated 6/14. This is a very complex and sensitive topic. I plan on updating this post when I receive new downloads and new information. I also recommend doing your own reflection and research. Grab a Source self pendulum to confirm all information for yourself! Here is other content you can read about this topic:

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